Balancing health and life through the grief journey

Kaneohe, HI (April 30, 2016) – Families from across Hawaii will gather Saturday at the Ko`olau Ballrooms to celebrate their loved ones who have given the gift of life. Tai Chi instructor Cynthia Murata, whose husband was a tissue donor, will present a special workshop designed to help those who have lost a loved one balance their health while coping with their grief. 

Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art, sometimes known as moving meditation, not only helps build physical strength and flexibility, it can also help bring clarity and peace of mind. Murata testifies to this personally and maintains that tai chi helped her cope with the loss of her husband. In April 2005, Murata’s husband of 42 years, Patrick, died of a massive heart attack while swimming at Bellows Beach on Oahu. Although, Cynthia was pleased Patrick was able to restore lives through tissue donation, she still needed help to work through the emotions of losing the love of her life.

“Grief shuts you down, spiritually, mentally, and physically, said Murata, “Through tai chi all these emotions came up and I was able to find new life.” For the past ten years Murata has grown her passion for tai chi and developed physical and emotional strength through meditation. She is now an instructor at the Still & Moving Center and is offering her experience, story and instruction to other donor families at the Donor Remembrance Ceremony as a source of strength and support.

The Donor Remembrance Ceremony honors and memorializes local organ and tissue donors, provides support for grieving families and gives transplant recipients the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for their second chance at life. The annual event falls right in line with Legacy of Life Hawai‘i’s mission of honoring and supporting organ donors and their families. The day will consist of a quilt pinning ceremony, a musical tribute, reflections of gratitude from recipients, lunch, workshops and finally culminate with a butterfly release. All festivities, workshops and observances throughout the day are geared to bring honor to the donor heroes and healing to the donor families. 


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