Bill to require organ and tissue donation education in drivers ed courses

HONOLULU -29 FEB 2016 - A new bill has been proposed that would require organ and tissue information to be taught in Driver Education courses.

Currently, those obtaining a driver's license must decide to "check the box" on whether to become an organ donor.  For many teenagers, that decision is an uninformed one, filled with misconceptions and myths.

"A lot of people may not want to do it because they don't know enough about it," said Leilehua High School Sophomore, Isabel Calle.
Legacy of Life Hawaii supports the proposed bill, they have offered to create the curriculum as well as provide and distribute the materials to the drivers' education teachers.

"We go in there and try to educate them, to inform them, " said Yolanda Domingo. "That way when they do have to make that decision, it's an informed decision; it's not a decision based on all these myths."

Senate Bill 2686 has past second reading and has been referred to the Judiciary and Labor Committee.


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